Stairs and Handrails

Seymore Welding & Mechanical is committed to providing customers with the highest quality stair and architectural handrail fabrication. With our team of craftsmen, welders, machinists, engineers, and
contractors, we have the ability to meet the most demanding architectural requirements.
Our stairs and handrails will be constructed with a high degree of accuracy and care. At Seymore Welding & Mechanical we are committed to making sure that our architectural handrails and staircases are completed on time and in a cost effective manner. Our AISC compliant team of fabricators will make sure that your project is tailored to fit your vision.
We believe in our manufacturing abilities and we are committed to the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia metro areas. No matter how big or small the handrail or the staircase project, we will never
treat your business with a one-sized-fits-all approach.


When it comes to custom handrail fabrication Seymore Welding & Mechanical does not shy away from the challenge. Our architectural handrails are constructed by our team to meet code requirements and last for generations. Our team is committed to safety and adheres to compliance guidelines by:
- Measuring the rise and the run of the stairs
- Matching the best rails to the type of architectural project
- Obeying local and state commercial codes
- Safely lifting and installing finished handrails and systems
- Securing architectural handrails for maximum payload
We offer contemporary and traditional metal railing systems and components for interior and exterior designs. Perhaps you are looking for more of an ornamental handrail option. No problem! Check out our Gates, Fencing and Ornamental Items tab under services at the top of the page.


Whether the project requires a couple steps or multiple levels of stairs, Seymore Welding & Mechanical will get the job done. Every exterior and interior staircase project is unique which is why it is important as a customer to make sure that your project is being placed in the right hands. At Seymore Welding & Mechanical our team of AISC experts is laser focused on completing projects to our customers’ high standards. By focusing on superior workmanship, we can design, fabricate, and install strong, durable, and attractive metal stairs that will last for decades.
There is a wide variety of staircase designs and styles. Knowing what kind of stair to choose for your project can be difficult. Seymore Welding & Mechanical will help you to decide on the best stairs and staircases for your project. We will take into account specific structure, aesthetic, strength and operational requirements when deciding what design best fits your specific needs. We have mastered the art of following types of stairs and staircases:
- Straight flights
- Spiral stairs
- Quarter turn stairs
If your project calls for a customized stairs or handrail system, please do not hesitate to contact our shop today. Because we are dedicated to customized solutions, we offer all new clients on-site, no
-obligation consultations to better understand the scope of each job.